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Some background on this initiative

In August of 2017, a community of local developers known as the V75 Network spearheaded "The devX Event", Guyana's first online and offline digital industry exhibition with sponsorship from several public and private sector organizations. We managed to hold public showcases, informative talks and even built an online platform (accessible at devxevent.com) which indexed over 200 tech exhibits from over 70 developers in Guyana.


Here's what devX 2017 data showed us about Guyana's tech industry...


Rare cases of

Less than 12% of exhibitors were team-based.

Low levels of

Innovation-centric works such as research, robotics and animation made up only 11% of exhibits.

Marginal global market penetration

Less than 10% of all projects were for clients outside of Guyana.


Here's the problem, backed by research..

With low rates of collaboration, innovation and global market penetration, Guyana's tech industry is not currently in a state to reliably contribute to job creation or economic growth in the country.

Collaboration is important for innovation to take place (J.Dance); innovation brings about technological change (K.Winston); technological change brings about economic growth (R. Solow) and along with innovation, they create global market opportunities (J.Muroyama).


Here's our Solution - NeXus Hub Inc.

The uncovered relationships among collaboration, innovation, technological change, economic growth and global market penetration, led us to take a strategic, grassroots approach in making a meaningful difference in Guyana's nascent tech industry.


NeXus Hub Inc. has three major objectives:



  • a well-equipped, physical space for developers to meet, work, socialize and innovate, together.

  • a custom social network platform and skills showcase for developers to connect, share content, promote their work and collaborate.

  • group-driven programmes as well as the annual NeXus Connect Event with design challenges, mixers and deep dives which solve social problems with tech while demonstrating the power of collaboration.



  • physical and online collaborative environments for developers.

  • “tech toys” for exposure and product development (such as the Raspberry Pi, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, BBC Microbit and the eMotiv Headset).

  • accelerator programmes for innovators to receive the funding and mentorship necessary to take products to market.



  • running funded apprenticeship programmes to mentor new generations of developers by resident software teams.

  • facilitating connections among businesses, investors and developers through our online platform and annual NeXus Connect Event.

  • providing a transparent platform through which agencies and humanitarians may combine their efforts to help grow and shape Guyana's technology industry.


Support one or more of our Tech Movements

We welcome your support in carrying out our objectives in the form of the following NeXus Hub Tech Movements:


1. The Annual NeXus Connect Event - connecting developers, investors, business owners and mentors.

Scheduled for an inaugural launch on August 4th, 2018, the NeXus Connect Event is an annual social mixer for developers, investors, business owners and mentors with the sole purpose of breaking down silos, making connections and creating opportunities.

Become an official sponsor of the 2018 NeXus Connect Event


2. The Annual NeXus Hack-Solve Event - solving social problems together with tech.

The NeXus Hack-Solve Event was a hugely successful, first-of-its-kind event held in mid August, 2018. Unlike a traditional hackathon where developer teams compete, the NeXus Hack-Solve Event brings developers from various teams together to identify, discuss, design, build and solve social problems with technology.

Become an official sponsor of future NeXus Hack-Solve Events


3. Funded Apprenticeship Programmes to create employed, industry-ready specialists.

The NeXus Hub Developer Apprenticeship programme platform aims to financially support talented minds as they work along with a resident tech company to become industry-ready in as little as 3 months.

Each apprenticeship program is based on an actual industry attachment so trained apprentices may seamlessly transition into jobs upon completion of their training.

Help us fund an apprentice or two, today.


4. "Tech Toys" for product innovation.

Having access to explore and develop with tech toys such as augmented reality APIs, programmable microcontrollers, sensors, mobile EEG headsets, and the like provides ideal conditions for researchers and innovators to craft, prototype and test their inventions.

This directly supports innovation and product development.

Sponsor one or more of our "tech toys".


5. The NeXus Accelerator Programme for tech innovators to receive the funding and mentorship needed to take products to market.

The NeXus Accelerator Programme is designed to fund and support homegrown innovations in tech with the long-term objectives of job creation and global market penetration.

We need funding, mentors and advocates to make this programme work well for those who need it.

Help us make the right connections and fund this programme.


6. The NeXus Link Social Network to virtually index and connect developers with opportunities.

The NeXus Connect Social Network is an online platform accessible via a mobile app or web-browser that presents a common platform for developers to connect, manage their portfolio, build teams and share resources. For businesses, it is the perfect place to post jobs and find the best developers by skillset.

V75 Developers built and maintain this platform for free but we need your help to pay for its cloud-based infrastructure.

Help us further develop this platform and keep it going.


Let's Make it Happen, Together!

We hope you can support one of our movements or make a general contribution to our consolidated NeXus Hub Technology Fund to power all of our tech movements and contribute to Guyana's tech industry growth and development.
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